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Current Projects in-production:

Television  Television Film Film


Almost Human, Inc. is providing it's "seamless integration" techniques to the hit MTV series.

wilfredWILFRED (FX)

Almost Human, Inc. is providing digital VFX to the hit FX series starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann.

werposterWER (FilmDistrict)

Almost Human, Inc. is providing it's "seamless integration" techniques to this new werewolf film.

no-one-lives-100NO ONE LIVES (WWE Studios)

Almost Human, Inc. is providing make-up FX to this new action film.

Film: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 (Paramount Pictures)

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The following represents a variety of the credits accumulated by the Almost Human, Inc. team. To view a complete list of Robert Hall's credits, please click here.

Digital Visual Effects  
  • SXTAPE (2012) Room 101/Incentive Filmed Entertainment/ Paramount
  • CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 (2011) Dry County Ent./Image
  • FEAR CLINIC (2009) FEARnet
  • LAID TO REST (2009) Anchor Bay Ent.
  • GARBAGE - "Blood for Poppies" Music Video (2012)
  • DRIVIN' N' CRYIN' - "Detroit City" Music Video (2011)
  • POWERMAN 5000 - "Supervillain" Music Video (2010)
  • DODGE CHRYSLER "Liberty" - Chelsea Pictures
  • POLAROID “Transplant” (Radical Media)
  • COORS LIGHT “Abominable Snowman”
  • AD COUNCIL Weight Loss “Shed Body Part” (Thomas/Winter/Cook Productions)
  • ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN “Replacement Lung” (Motiv Films)
  • FEDEX "Pirate” (Hungryman Productions)
  • SPIKE T.V. “Alien Head” (Hungryman Productions)
  • OLD SPICE, Rambo Spot, Rocker Spot (3 Star Production and Film)
  • NEW YORK STATE LOTTERY “Micheal Buffer Mask” (Hungryman Productions)
  • KELLOGG FRUIT HARVEST CEREAL “Fat Dog Suit” (Hungryman Productions)
  • NEXTEL “Matt Kenseth Robot” (Hungryman Productions)
  • CHEVY COBALT (A Band Apart)
  • DELL “Six Fingered Man” (Hungryman Productions)
  • SSFPP (Sunny Oak Films)
  • ROBITUSSIN "Relief Finder" (Hungryman Productions)
Music Videos  
  • GARBAGE "Blood for Poppies"
  • DRIVIN' N' CRYIN' "Detroit City"
  • POWERMAN 5000 "Supervillian"
  • SECONDHAND CHILD "Laid to Rest"
  • SCORPIONS “Woman”
  • OUTKAST / SLIMM CALHOUN “It’s Okay” (X-Ray Productions) 
  • SUICIDAL TENDENCIES “Lost my Brain Once Again”
  • INFECTIOUS GROOVES “Violent and Funky”
  • STICKY FINGAZ “What If I Was White” (Universal)
  • MARILYN MANSON Custom Masks
  • NIKKA COSTA "Everybody Got Their Something"
  • DIXIE CHICKS "Goodbye Earl"
  • LIMP BIZKIT Boiler” (FM Rocks)

Did You Know?

You know Almost Human Inc. as an innovator of practical makeup and creature effects – But did you know we have an award winning visual effects team under the same roof? Implementing our proprietary “Seamless Integration” techniques makes Almost Human Inc the ONLY FX studio in Southern California that your production can count on for “ONE STOP SHOPPING” for your production’s effects needs.

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