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Welcome to Almost Human Inc. located in Los Angeles, CA. We have the distinction of being the only makeup effects studio in Southern California that houses a full-service award winning digital visual effects department incorporating our propriety seamless integration software and techniques. Since opening its doors in 1996, Almost Human Inc has grown to be one of Hollywood's Premiere Effects studios with and the addition of AH Digital the boundaries of where we can take your project are stripped away.

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Our prosthetic work is what we are renowned for, however times have changed and we have changed with them offering a simpler solution for filmmakers and studios looking for creative solutions and one stop shopping for all effects needs.

Our CGI crew handles 3D character design and animation, matte painting, set extension, crowd replication, beauty work, rig removal, motion graphics andtitles, compositing, conceptual design, pre-visualization on-set supervision most of all the ability to design and execute “hybrid” or combinations of our practical (Prosthetic) work with cutting edge digital technology. We seamlessly integrate the two traditionally separate industries into one entity breathing life into the impossible.

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"They understand how to perfectly blend ultra realistic special effects make up with first class digital effects.  And amazingly, Rob expertly handles both disciplines in-house.  It's the fucking future."  William Brent Bell - Director - "The Devil Inside"

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Almost Human Digital’s recent credits include: Wilfred, Teen Wolf (MTV), WER, John Dies at the End, Sextape, Garbage “Blood for Poppies” , Laid to Rest, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, Fear Clinic (2010 Streamy Award for best Visual FX).

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Did You Know?

You know Almost Human Inc. as an innovator of practical makeup and creature effects – But did you know we have an award winning visual effects team under the same roof? Implementing our proprietary “Seamless Integration” techniques makes Almost Human Inc the ONLY FX studio in Southern California that your production can count on for “ONE STOP SHOPPING” for your production’s effects needs.

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